Former Anti-Corruption Moses, Akufo-Addo protected interdicted Bawku MCE


Former Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu has questioned the continous stay in office by the Municipal Chief Executive Officer for the Bawku Municipal Assembly although she has been interdicted.

According to him, others who were interdicted together with the MCE are currently on interdiction but the MCE is still at post; a worrying issue that puts the President in a bad light.

Martin Amidu questioned the President in his latest epistle to the Presidency in response to the letter wrote in response to issues raised in his resignation.

He said “My further preliminary point. My former “ANTI-CORRUPTION MOSES”, Mr President, kindly tell Ghanaians your reason for refusing to interdict or order the Municipal Chief Executive for the Bawku Municipal Assembly to vacate her office, even on voluntary or compulsory leave like you unconstitutionally did to Mr. Daniel Domelevo, the constitutionally appointed Auditor-General of Ghana, after my several pleas with you, and in spite of the fact that the first prosecution witness in the case gave his evidence-in-chief, was cross-examined and discharged on 12th November 2020 in the case of the Republic v Haiia Hawa Ninchema & 7 Others. After informal communications with you to do so failed, I wrote formally to you on 8th September 2020 attaching the interdiction letters of her co-accused public officers who had been interdicted in the same case and stating, inter alia, that: “Your decision is important to vindicate your known commitment to fighting corruption and the promise we exchanged in January 2018 before I accepted to be the Special Prosecutor”.

“She is still working at her post when her co-accused who are also citizens of Ghana are on interdiction. My dear former “ANTI-CORRUPTION MOSES” this is just one example to remind you, Mr President, that you should not have unleashed your attack dogs on my integrity as being responsible for the failure of the Special Prosecutor in the fight against corruption under your Presidency.”

He noted that with actions like these, there was no way he could have succeeded in the role he was given to combat corruption when the President could not act when there was the need to.

How could I succeed when this single example shows that my former “ANTI-CORRUPTION MOSES” failed me anytime his ox was gored like in the Agyapa Royalties Transactions anti-corruption assessment report. It would come as no surprise to me when all the accused persons in the two pending corruption cases in the High Court since March 20191 left behind are acquitted and discharged after my resignation. Bawku is where I grew up and the people of Bawku know the President’s corrupt partisan injustice that she is at post even today while the other public officers are on interdiction.

Source: Ayeh Offei-Akoto/2020

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