Furnish us with a list of duplicated cards replaced


Ghanaian journalist and the managing editor at the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt has challenged the Electoral Commission to furnish Ghanaians with the names of the supposed individuals whose ID cards warranted printing new cards without the supervision of political parties.

There was a video that went viral on all social media platforms. In the video, some officials of the Electoral Commission were seen printing new voters ID cards.

The Electoral Commission in a statement indicated that the activity was sanctioned by it and that the video was taken at the Commission’s Headquarters.

It said the ID cards were a replacement for some individuals who had duplicated ID cards which were as a result of the registration kits bearing the same codes.

But reacting to the electoral commission’s statement on Pan African Television monitored by MyNewsGh.com, the media practitioner said the Electoral Commission owes Ghanaians an explanation and details of individuals who had duplicated cards which warranted the printing of cards without the supervision of the political parties.

“We all see the video which went viral of some people who were printing ID cards. The first reaction from the EC and some political parties was that it was malicious propaganda.Within 24 hours, the electoral commission now comes back and says the people printing the cards are our own people and that they are printing the cards because there has been duplication of numbers and so on. So why did they come and tell us that the video was malicious propaganda when indeed they were the people who were printing the people who were printing the cards.

EC officials were printing the cards. Where was the malicious propaganda in this matter? I don’t understand. And then they asked why are you printing the cards and they said there have been duplication of numbers and so on and that we are printing these cards to give to those who are affected. Who are affected? As we speak today, nobody knows who is affected. The EC has made no public announcement of those affected by this duplication of numbers and so on. So those cards who are they going to? How are people going to know that there is a problem with their card and that they need to go for new cards?” he quizzed.

He reiterated calls on the electoral commission that the people of Ghana who are interested and the development and forward going of democracy will not accept flawed results from the election.

Source: MyNewsGh.com/ Ayeh Offei-Akoto/2020

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