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GCK-Ghana: Christ, the epicenter, as thousands of expectant worshipers host Pastor Dr Kumuyi

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Pastor Dr Kumuyi

Jesus Christ, the foundation stone of Christianity remains the epicenter, as thousands of expectant worshippers converge at the Independence Square, Accra, from April 20 to April 25, 2023 for the Global Crusade Kumuyi (GCK-Ghana).

They will usher-in Pastor Dr William F Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church (DLBC) and the Founder of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM) into the country.

The renowned anointed servant of God would arrive in the country to host the GCK-Ghana, a non-denominational evangelistic outreach campaign.

Ghana, in particular, and the Christian community in general, are favoured, privileged to host the renowned Nigerian preacher, teacher and evangelist, as the world experiences severe economic recess, and moral degeneration.

Pastor Dr Kumuyi would also hold conferences for pastors, church leaders and ministers of God during the five-day crusade.


The GCK is an initiative of Dr Kumuyi, born out of the need to further share the good news of Jesus Christ.


The objectives of the GCK are to win and save souls into the Kingdom of God, strengthen the faith of steadfast believers and to prepare them for the second advent of Christ, who is the mediator between God and man, and foundation stone and pillar of Christianity.

Worshippers worldwide can also join Dr Kumuyi, and other anointed ministers of God live on YouTube in exploration of the word of God and gospel music at the global crusade, organised every month.

The church, however, would telecast the event live from the crusade grounds through satellite for its members and invitees to watch at various church locations.


The GCK has virtually reached more than 150 countries with a monthly average local audience of between 40,000 to 150,000 people and more than 30 million people have been impacted globally in the last year through the GCK and its Convener, Pastor Dr Kumuyi.

Story of salvation

More than 200,000 drug addicts, sex workers, alcoholics, and depressed people have been transformed and saved.

Indeed, the GCK has been a story of change with Jesus Christ at the epicenter and hero.

GCK-Ghana pre-launch

Already, the DLBC, Ghana has already engaged Christian leaders in the country, ahead of the global crusade, to be held at the Independence Square in Accra.

The pre-launch of the event, took place in Accra, aimed at sensitizing and bringing on board all religious groups in the country and was well attended with notable Christian leaders present.

Various regions, and divisions, districts and locations of the church are also expected to launch the GCK-Ghana to publicize and whip the interest of people to attend at their locations.

Sunyani division pre-launch

Speaking at the Sunyani divisional pre-launch of the crusade, in Sunyani, Pastor Patrick Amankona, the Chairman of the Publicity Committee, the GCK-Ghana, asked the members of the church to intensify awareness creation to make the event achieve significant outcomes.

“The GCK is the hope for Ghana now, and God expects us to invite everybody to attend and receive blessings and hope”, Pastor Amankona, also the Ashiaman Divisional Overseer of the DLBC stated.

He said the church would make buses available at all locations in Accra and parts of the country for those intending to attend the event at the independence square and advised members of the church to set aside special periods and pray for a successful crusade.

Giving, Pastor Amankona stated opened divine doors for God’s blessings and urged every member of the church to endeavour to give financially to support the crusade.

Besides the distribution of flyers and other crusade paraphernalia, the publicity committee chairman said the church would also organise health walks at the regional and divisional levels to publicize the event.

“Individual church members who have the capacity are also encouraged to negotiate for and mount billboards to advertise the crusade”, Pastor Amankona stated.

Pastor Ernest Osei Bonsu, the Kumasi North Regional Overseer of the Church said the commitment of members of the church was required to stir and whip the enthusiasm of the masses to attend the crusade.

As a non-denominational outreach campaign, he asked the church not to see the GCK-Ghana as its normal retreats and crusades, instead prayed fervently for Dr Kumuyi, and the anointed ministers of God.

This is the surest way to pave the way for God to visit and save Ghana, he stated, saying “Christ saves from sin, delivers from destruction, heals regardless of the disease and provides His children eternal home”.
Dennis Peprah
Ghana News Agency

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