Ghana in critical condition but the alternative also worse

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Sulemana Braimah the Executive Director of the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) says currently, there is no alternative political leaning that is willing to transform the fortunes of the people of Ghana.

He believes Ghana’s conditions are Chronic corruption, over-borrowing, acute debt overload, unemployment is currently at a critical stage.

However critical the problems are, the current government is not addressing the issues head-on but rather trying its best to deal with them with speeches.

To Sulemana Braimah, there is no solution in sight because the country currently does not have an alternative in dealing with the problems.

Making this known in a post shared on Facebook he said “PATIENT: Ghana CURRENT PLACE: ICU CONDITION: Critical DIAGNOSIS: Chronic corruption, over borrowing, accute debt overload, unemployment. CURRENT TREAMENT: Speeches ALTERNATIVE DOCTOR: Already tested. WHAT NEXT: No viable alternative PROGNOSIS: Only God can tell”.

Source: 2021

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