Ghana is the first African country I’m extending my comedy to – Nasty Blaq

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Nigerian comedian, Nasty Blaq

Internationally recognized Nigerian comedian, Nasty Blaq, has disclosed why he is on tour in Ghana and why he chose Ghana among all fifty-four African countries to extend his craft to.

Nasty, during his Ghana tour, was hosted by Ghanaian comedian and host of eTV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show, Foster Romanus on one of the episodes of the show where he revealed that Ghana is the first African country aside from his homeland Nigeria that he has stepped foot in.

He stated that he came to Ghana mainly for business and to tour the country a little. Detailing his reason for coming to Ghana, he said, “It’s my tour and I decided that I want Ghana to be the first African country I take my comedy or content creation to”.

Again, he uncovered that upon checking his insights with his team, they realized that aside from Nigeria, Ghana is the next country with his biggest fan base “so we decided to pay Ghana a visit, experience Ghana, meet the actors, comedians so we can do things together”, he added.

Asked how he feels knowing his next biggest fan base is from Ghana, he expressed that it is nice when friends, family, and other people around him applaud him for the things he does, however, when people outside his friend or family circle or even outside the country appreciate it, it gives this overwhelming feeling.

The comedian acknowledged that “It’s beautiful that a country like Ghana recognizes my craft so I decided to come here as a way of reaching out or giving back to the fans, see them and have conversations”.

Although he refused to give details about which content creators he will be working with and what exactly they will be working on, he did name Nana Made in China and Comedian Waris as two people that he has known for a while now and will definitely be working with.

Nasty Blaq, born Abisi Emmanuel Ezechukwu, is a Nigerian Instagram comedian, content creator, entertainer and actor. He is known for his funny skits on Instagram and has managed to gather a great number of followers in a short period of time.

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