Home Entertainment “Ghana should grant me the freedom to walk about naked”

“Ghana should grant me the freedom to walk about naked”

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Wanlov The Kubolor craves the freedom to walk around naked.

According to him, he wants to be allowed the liberty to go about his daily life activities unclad and unrestricted.

In a conversation with Ghanweb, Wanlov revealed he envies madmen who could walk around naked without having to explain themselves to the police or anyone else.

Thinking about something unrelated helps me stay on longer during sex – Wanlov

“I am jealous of mad people. I’m like, why are you walking around naked and no one cares? People would stop caring if I did it right now… [pause].. maybe if I did it for a long time.”

“I think I need to have enough money in case I am arrested for public nudity. Until they realize that maybe I do have a mental problem, they won’t leave me alone.”

Wanlov Kubulor insisted that his desire to go about naked could be a reason why he would fake madness in order to achieve his fantasy.

He suggested that people be given the opportunity or freedom to do whatever they wish with their privacy, even to the point of showing it freely to the world.

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