Ghana Standards Authority to enforce ban on ‘winter tyres’


Business News of Tuesday, 22 October 2019


The new Automotive Policy will enforce the ban on Grade ‘C’ tyres

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has told Citi Business News the new Automotive Policy which will be passed soon will enforce the ban on Grade ‘C’ tyres meant for the winter weather but are imported into tropical countries such as Ghana.

According to the authority, most of the used cars imported from Europe and the U.S.A have tyres fixed under them that are only fit for low temperature areas that have snow.

Reacting to a question on how the importation of such tyres will be checked, the Project Coordinator of the Ghana Automotive Policy, at the Ghana Standards Authority, Macmman Prentice said the new regulation will bar such tyres from entering the country.

“In the directives of the policy, vehicles that have tyres of Grade ‘C’ will not be allowed into the country. Grade ‘C’ tyres are for places where they have snow”, he said adding that only Grade ‘A’ and ‘B’ tyres will be allowed in the country.

Mr. Macmman explained that even though the law has been in existence, it has not been enforced at the ports.

He, however assured that when the Automotive Policy is passed into law the GSA be strictly enforce the regulations to check unwholesome tyres from entering the country.

The Ghana Automotive Policy was designed with key stakeholders to check the manufacturing and assembling of cars in Ghana.

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