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Ghana will be open for business 24 hours,” says Mahama

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By Kafui Dey

Former President John Dramani Mahama has unveiled a transformative vision for Ghana’s economic future, declaring, “The 24-hour economy is our pathway to economic revival and prosperity.”

Speaking at a crucial media encounter ahead of the upcoming elections, Mr. Mahama, presidential candidate and flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress, outlined ambitious plans to boost productivity, create jobs, and position Ghana as a global economic powerhouse.

His proposal centers on leveraging continuous production and service delivery to accelerate growth and development.

Emphasizing the urgency of change, former President highlighted the need to reduce dependency on imports by fostering local manufacturing and industrialization.

“This initiative isn’t just a concept; it’s about creating a Ghana where businesses thrive round the clock,” Mr. Mahama affirmed. “It’s time to embrace innovation, reduce vulnerability to external shocks, and empower our entrepreneurs to compete on the global stage.”

Central to his strategy is incentivizing businesses to participate actively in the 24-hour economy, promoting job creation and economic resilience. Former President Mahama also underscored the critical role of digital infrastructure and technology in driving sustainable development across the nation.

“The 24-hour economy will unleash the potential of every Ghanaian,” Mr. Mahama stated. “From SMEs to startups, this initiative will spur innovation, entrepreneurship, and inclusive growth.”

As Ghana prepares for the December elections, his ambitious economic agenda has sparked national debate, with supporters hailing it as a visionary step towards economic self-sufficiency, while critics question its feasibility and implementation.

With economic policy at the forefront of electoral discourse, former President Mahama’s commitment to transparency, efficiency, and governance reform is set to shape the country’s future direction, promising a resilient and prosperous Ghana under his leadership.

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