Ghanaian evacuees from Lebanon advice the public against travelling to there for greener pastures


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According to recent reports, a group of young Ghanaian women who traveled to Lebanon for the purpose of seeking greener pastures returned to Ghana after the continuous plea to the Government of Ghana.

Moreover, it was about two months ago that the Ghana Mission in Cairo, which has Lebanon under its jurisdiction, entered into dialogue through its Consulate in Beirut, with the Lebanese Government to rescue young Ghanaian women from the clutches of their masters and mistresses, so they could freely return home.

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The first batch returned home on Friday 19 June, 2020.

According to the returnees, in a video sighted on social media, these masters and mistresses have been nothing but abused them brutally even to the point of some losing their lives.

They described that their living conditions were so bad that even just a meal a day and bathing was not permitted.

Also, they were not paid at the end of the month and some were sexually assaulted many times by their masters with no one to report.

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They advise Ghanaians who are preparing to travel after the borders are open to rather stay in Ghanaian and manage the current economic hardship because it is very much better to live in Ghana than to travel over there where almost every black person is treated like a slave.

The mortal remains of two deceased Ghanaian workers from Lebanon were also brought in as cargo with the first batch of evacuees.

As part of efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, the evacuees are expected to go through the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration said more than 600 Ghanaian domestic workers had been registered to leave Lebanon.

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