Ghanaian inventor Frank Darko builds upgraded  bicycle that moves on water (Video)


There are alot of rising  Ghanaians youth creating and building amazing stuff with their creativity to meet various needs in their society.

One of such inventors is widely known as Frank Darko, who resides in Takoradi in the Western Region.

Frank revealed to and Ebo Safo TV  that he was a final year student at the Takoradi Technical University formerly known as Takoradi Polytechnic pursuing a course in Graphic Design.

According to him, its an unfortunate situation where communities located along riverside are cut off during huge rainfall or when rivers overflow their banks will soon be a thing of the past.

School children and other workers who want to reach the other side will now be assured that they will get to their destination.

After going through over two year’s painstaking effort, the bike which was made known in 2017 has been improved better in 2019.  Frank Darko has tested it at the Weija Lake in Accra for the world to see that his invention is real.

He, however, added that his water bicycle is named TriFAD. He continued,  the Tri- means the three floaters on to which the body of the machine rest, FAD-is an abbreviation of my name FRANK ANKOMAH DARKO

He revealed that his creativity came about as a result of his matchless love for science, technology and the urge to solve day-to-day problems faced by people living in the community.

He mention Apostle Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo as his astunct role model in his field of work, because there is no other person better than him in Ghana, Africa and beyond.

Click on the link below to watch full video of how the 2019 water bicycle was tested at Weija Lake: