Ghanaian Nanny arrested after being caught Brutalizing her Master’s baby (Watch Video)

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A 71-year-old Ghanaian Nanny has been arrested and put behind bars after she brutalized her Master’s baby. Without her Knowledge, the mother of the baby had cameras installed in the house and connected it to her Phone which she could access to see footage of everything happening in the house.

The video has since gone viral and in it it shows the old lady angrily punching, kicking and hitting the baby repeatedly, she seemed not bothered by the pain she was putting the baby through.

According to the mother, whose voice could be heard at the background, this is not the first time the nanny has taken such actions against her baby or this is not the first time she has seen her kicking him.

She has been arrested after the video went viral and waiting to be arranged before court.

Watch the video below

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