Ghanaians know NDC as ‘Kings of Infrastructure’

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Former President of Ghana John Dramani Mahama has outdoored the new alias for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the home Region of Vice President Dr. Mahamud Bawumia.

According to him, Ghanaians know the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as “Kings of Infrastructure” in view of the massive infrastructure witnessed under his tenure

He made this known while addressing party faithful in the capital of the North East region as part of his Nationwide “Thank You” tour.

“You all know your party, your party is the king of infrastructure and I said during the campaign that they will demarcate the region but NDC will come and build the infrastructure that will make it the real region,” he said.

The former President complained about the neglect of the newly created regions indicating that the demarcation alone does not make a region but rather building of infrastructure.

He described Nalerigu has a shadow Region considering the fact that there were no infrastructure to prove that it was a regional capital.

“You cannot just create regions in the name. The regions must be worthy of being called regions. And it is the infrastructure that makes a region a region.”

“If you go to Tamale you will know that this is the Northern Region, if you go to Bolga you know that this is the Upper East Region. If you come to Nalerigu it is a shadow of a region”, adding “we don’t only need the regional boundaries to be re-drawn; we need regional infrastructure so that when you come you will say yes, this is the North East Region.”

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