Ghanaians love beef and slay queen stories – Kwadwo Sheldon

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Entertainment of Monday, 16 August 2021


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Popular Ghanaian vlogger and content creator, Kwadwo Sheldon has asserted that Ghanaians are lovers of negative stories online, yet will come out to blame bloggers who just report the happenings and give out the information.

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay on the Go online show, the host of “Breakdown with Kwadwo Sheldon” explained that it is no fault of his for grown-ups to fight and wash their dirty linen in public and on social media, hence the fact that he picks that story to create an exciting content

to suit the taste of consumers should not be misconstrued as negativity.

Kwadwo Sheldon however stated that so far as the consumers consume the “Musical beef and slay queens stories” he is guided to feed them with more of that as and when it happens because that is what Ghanaians want.

He added that if he put out the so-called negative contents and stories online and it is not patronised by his audience he will not continue with such content.

This said and done, Kwadwo Sheldon revealed that he really enjoys the musical beef to that of the slay queens brouhaha which often happens on social media.

Watch the video below:

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