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Gifty Anti breaks silence on divorce rumours

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Ace broadcaster Gifty Anti has breaks silence over marriage separation rumour

Reports from countless blogs that the Ghanaian broadcaster and her husband have separated, spread like wildfire, amidst massive reactions from fans and netizens online.

But nothing was heard from Gifty Anti until a social media influencer defended her under the post of one of the blogs that carried the news.

A headline which read: “Gifty Anti now reportedly lives alone as she allegedly sacks her husband Nana Ansah Kwao IV from home,” caught the attention of the influencer on Facebook.

She took a screenshot and re-posted it with a caption that dispelled the rumours.

“This is a blatant lie. Oheneyere was with her husband to join their beautiful daughter at school today. Disregard the screenshot below,” she wrote.

Shortly after, Gifty Anti took to the comment section of her defender’s post with proofs to the effect that her marriage is intact.

Expressing surprise at how this particular fan managed to spot them among the many parents who had gathered in the school, Oheneyere wrote:

“Herrr now I fear you. Herrr how did you see us? Please add that I joined the tag of peace competition and we won (Though he and his princess did not give me fans) But I fear you ei. Boi.”

Her comments appear to bring a confirmation of this fan’s defence that Gifty Anti’s marriage to Nana Ansah Kwao isn’t struggling, as the earlier reports claim.

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