God guides and protects me even if I don’t go to church- Shatta Wale’s son Majesty

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Shatta Wale’s son Majesty has expressed his knowledge of God and His power as he explained why he does not need to go to church.

Majesty, who is the son of the now separated celebrity couple Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy, almost turned a preacher as he spoke about God’s role in his life.

A video posted by Shatta Michy, on Instagram shows Majesty and his mother in a conversation about what his thoughts are on going to church.

The cute looking boy explains that he doesn’t necessarily need to go to church to know and understand the power of God.

In his little mind, God protects and guides him and that is enough reason not to go to church.


His mother, Shatta Michy, was clearly impressed by his son’s knowledge of God.

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