Good sex gives me the anointing I need to sing – Popular Gospel musician


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Often times, sex in our part of the world is regarded as a topic to be discussed indoors ie it’s not worthy to be plainly talked about.

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There have been several opinions in the context of sex as many are of the standpoint that having intercourse before any Godly activity is a sin.

Most especially when gospel acts opens up on their sex life they’re tagged as ungodly.

Popular musician, Philipa Baafi thinks otherwise. In her most recent interview on TV Africa has disclosed how sex has been of help to her.

According to her, anytime she gets satisfied with good se.x from her husband before a Godly activity, she’s able to deliver so well.

She again revealed that she also feels the presence of the Holy Spirit in her song ministrations when given hot coitus from the husband.

Adding that anytime she satisfies her husband sexually before any event, her spirit and mind become very free.

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Her comments came after the host asked her that “has there been a time that your husband demanded to enjoy the ‘distin’ where you also had to leave for a program? “.

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