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Google One to offer ‘Dark Web Reports’ to all account holders starting late July

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Google One’s ‘Dark web reports’ feature will become available to all Google account holders starting in late July 2024.

This feature, which was previously only available to Google One subscribers, will now be integrated into the ‘Results about you’ section of Google accounts.

The ‘Dark web reports’ feature allows users to monitor the dark web for any leaks or breaches of their personal information, such as their name, address, phone number, and email. This information will now be accessible to all Google account holders, rather than being limited to Google One subscribers.

The integration of ‘Dark web reports’ into the ‘Results about you’ section is described as a “combined solution” by Google to help users better protect their online presence. ‘Results about you’ allows users to find and request the removal of search results containing their personal information.

The timeline for this change is stated as “late July 2024,” with the removal of the Google One membership requirement noted. This move is expected to improve user privacy, as data breaches are becoming increasingly common across various online services and products.

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