Graduate working for 10 years as a washing bay attendant shares inspiring story

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30-year-old Kwabena Asiamah who is a Senior High School(SHS) graduate has stated emphatically that despite the erroneous impressions created about washing bay attendants, he feels comfortable working as a washing bay attendant as his part-time.

Kwabena Asiamah who has worked with many institutions like KNUST as a security man has worked as a washing bay attendant for 10 years.

Kwabena Asiamah is now working as a delivery driver for Panacea Pharmacy but he has chosen to work at the washing bay at Kumasi Kentikrono as his part-time job.

Sharing his life story in an interview with Pure FM’s Osei Kwadwo, Kwabena Asiamah explained that “I have worked as washing bay attendant for 10 years and I have comfortable working here as my part-time job”.

According to Kwabena Asiamah, “though people have bad perception about washing bay attendants, the perception can never discourage me because I want to prove them wrong”.

“Sometimes it is not easy to blend two jobs at the same time because working as a delivery driver for Panacea Pharmacy comes with its own stress and the washing bay also come with another stress but with determination, I don’t feel lazy” Kwabena Asiamah said

“Sometimes people will talk to you as if all washing bay attendants have a bad attitude but that comment from people strengthens me than discouraging me”.

Kwabena Asiamah added that “it is my dream to establish a washing bay business full of technology and employ people to work with me to help reduce the unemployment rate in the country”.

“I will take this opportunity to advise the youth to stop chasing government for jobs because government alone can not give everyone a job to do. They should try and do something and stop thinking that people will tease them because of their certificate”.

“Those who are teasing me because I’m working as washing bay attendant will never put food on my table when I’m hungry so I don’t have to stop what give me food because of their teasing”.

“I have been motivated by Kumasi-based Angel Drive Time host Ike De Unpredictable on so many occasions. His advice always put me on the right track and I don’t want to quit because of words from Ike De Unpredictable. May God bless him so much and my director, my colleagues at Panacea Pharmacy”

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