Growing up I want to be successful so I was chasing my dreams, not women


American rapper Lil Wayne has some words of advice for young people who want to be successful in life but can’t focus on chasing their dreams instead of women.

According to him growing up as a child, he wants to be successful in life so he was busily chasing his dreams, not women.

“Women are Blessings to us men but as a young man who wants to be successful in life, you must first focused on achieving your dreams. You don’t have to be chasing women around, you may lose focus and your life will be miserable.”

“Growing up as a child, I was chasing my dreams and not women. If You get a hardworking woman who truly loves you, stick with her and make good future together. Multiple women can only lead you to nothing but failure ”

“Focused men don’t chase women, they chase their dreams. If you really have a dream that keeps you busy as a young man, I don’t think you will be chasing different girls”


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