GSO-Peace FM-Nimdee GFA ExCO 1st Year Performance Perception Survey reveals Fred Achee as top performer as Zida & Linford score 0 marks


Ghana Sports Online in collaboration with Peace FM and Sunyani-based Nimdee FM have conducted a public perception survey into the performance of the 12 Executive Council members leading the Ghana Football Association.

Eleven (11) Executive Council members were voted into office by 123 delegates of the Ghana Football Association’s electoral college on the 24th of October 2019.

Five (5) Representatives were elected to represent the Ghana Premier League clubs on the ExCo – Nana Oduro Sarfo, Dr Tony Aubynn, Frederick Acheampong, George Amoako and Kingsley Osei Bonsu while three (3) were elected from the Division One League – Ransford Abbey, Mark Addo and Samuel Anim Addo. Madam Habiba Atta Forson was voted to represent the Women’s Premier League on that same day.

Linford Asamoah and Salifu Zida were the other two candidates who successfully won separate elections at the RFA levels to assume seats on the Executive Council elections.

Kurt Okraku won the Presidential elections the following day after George Afriyie conceded defeat just before a third round tie at the Physician and Surgeons Center in Accra.

After 1 year in office, their performance was put under the microscope as questionnaires were distributed to members of the football fraternity to judge their performance.

The survey results put Frederick Acheampong as the highest performing member in two tiers of performance assessment questionnaires given out to 60 respondents.

The former AshantiGold SC Chief Executive Officer scored the highest marks in one end of the questions posed to the respondents.

The survey methodology

  1. Sixty (60) respondents who were made up of ex-footballers, current footballers, club administrators, media men and fans.
  2. Respondents were drawn from the Bono Ahafo region, Greater Accra and the Eastern region.
  3. Questionnaires were handed out to each of the 60 respondents to fill out and return to the survey conductors.
  4. Respondents were asked two questions; i. perception of performance and, ii.  presence in the media
  5. A grading system of 0-4, 5-7, 8-10 was used as a measurement tool to score the members.
  6. The 12 ExCo members were labelled I to XII on the questionnaire.
  7. An average score for performance perception was arrived at by summing up the individual score of the 12 members and divided by 12.
  8. An average score for presence in the media was arrived at by summing up the individual score of the 12 members and divided by 12.
  9. The same module was applied in the second tier which categorised the performance of the ExCo in range score as pointed out in point 5 above. However percentage was applied to the total figures before finding an average of 10.

Below are the survey results.


Ghana Premier League representative on the Executive Council Kingsley Osei Bonsu scored the highest points on the performance perception index after receiving 6 points while President of the Ghana FA Kurt Edwin S Okraku received (4) points, the next highest points. Meanwhile Frederick Acheampong, who is currently without a club, but won the ExCo seat on the slot of AshantiGold SC received 7 points on Media presence. Nana Oduro Sarfo received the second highly rating with 6 points on media presence. Linford Asamoah and Salifu Zida unsurprisingly scored 0 both areas while Habiba Atta the next lowest point. The next tier which is the entire ExCo performance score chart was averaged on percentage score. Out of the 60 respondents 23 scored the performance of the entire ExCo between 0-4 while 18 ranked them between 5-7 with 19 believing that the ExCo performed very well (8-10) in their first year of office. In applying percentages to the range score of the general ExCo performance 0-4 received (3.83), 5-7 received (3) and 8-10 received (3.17).

Survey Results Translation into Performance of Individual Members

Survey Results Translation into Team Performance

Final Index

Frederick Acheampong scored an average score of 5/10 (COLOURED in Green) which puts him as the leading performer among the 12 members of the Executive Council. President Kurt Okraku scored 4/10 and was closed followed by Kingsley Osei Bonsu and Nana Oduro Sarfo who scored 3.5/10 each on the chart. Samuel Anim Addo and Dr Tony Aubynn were tied with 3/10. Randy Abbey scored 2/10 same as George Amoako. Vice President of the Association Mark Addo scored a lowly 1.5/10 while Habiba Atta scored 0.5/10. Meanwhile Linford Asamoah and Salifu Zida scored 0/10.

The Team’s Total performance was pecked at 3.3/10.

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