Gunmen Hijack Walewale Highway In More Robbery Attacks

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There has been another robbery attack at Walewale in the North East Region less than 24 hours after gunmen attacked and robbed mobile money vendors at a suburb of the town.

A vehicle, carrying about 20 passengers and traveling from Nalerigu to Bolga, was attacked between Wulugu and Karimenga by six heavily armed men who hijacked the Tamale – Bolga highway.

Victims of the attack, speaking to JoyNews, said, the gunmen ordered them out of the vehicle and tortured them with guns before collecting all their money, mobile phones and other belongings.

At least five of the victims suffered serious body injuries, including one man who had parts of his head and nose cut. Two other people, a man and a woman, were seen having difficulty walking following the attack.

The police were deployed but arrived late after the attackers had bolted into the bush.

The vehicle was returned to the Walewale police station where statements were taken from the victims.

An armed police officer was subsequently detailed to escort the passengers to continue the journey.

That was the third robbery attack at Walewale in less than a week.

The police in the area have been forced to suspend patrol duties to certain locations after one of their vehicles broke down in a deadly accident a month ago in which one officer died and three others were severely injured.

Since then, robbery attacks both on highways and in residential neighborhoods in the municipality have escalated.

The residents expressed fear about increasing activities of the gunmen as the 2020 general election approaches.

The police are yet to comment.


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