Gutter ‘Swallows’ Taxi In Accra Rains

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A taxi driver drove right into an open gutter at Auntie Aku, close to Santa Maria, Accra, after a Wednesday evening downpour.

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The floods made it difficult to identify the boundaries of the gutter as the taxi driver tried to manoeuvre his way while the rains intensified.

An eyewitness said the incident happened in a curve close to the Deseret Hospital.

Gutter ‘Swallows’ Taxi In Accra Rains 2

“Good luck with the tow truck’s attempt at hoisting out the mangled taxi out of the ditch, sincerely hope there are survivors to this horrid and avoidable accident” Elorm Afuti, a social media user posted.

Gutter ‘Swallows’ Taxi In Accra Rains 3


Meanwhile, other parts of the city got flooded, leaving residents to scoop out water from their compounds.

Several commuters were also left stranded in traffic.

Areas affected include Kaneshie, North Industrial Area, First Light, Santa Maria among others.

Gutter ‘Swallows’ Taxi In Accra Rains 4


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