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Hajia4Real never named any accomplices – Lawyers

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Lawyers for Hajia4Reall, the fast law firm, have disclosed that she never mentioned any names in her plea for lesser sentencing.

According to her lawyer, they have been getting inquiries about whether she gave out the names of people involved in her fraudulent activities, hence her short sentence.

But in a video which has since gone viral, her lawyer explained that Mona never met with the US Attorney throughout the trial.

“Since our client Mona Montrage’s sentence, we have had inquiries about whether or not our client corporated. Ask yourself: If our client did meet with the US Attorney’s Office, do you think they would be asking for a guideline sentence of 37 to 46 months? They wouldn’t.

She never met with the Attorney General and the only information provided in our sentencing submission was to explain how she became involved in the case,” her lawyer said.

She explained that there is evidence available that shows that Mona’s videos were being used to catfish.

Mona has been sentenced to one year and a day for her involvement in fraud. Mona is said to have pleaded with the court for a reduced sentence because she is a single parent but she was sentenced to a year and a day.

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