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Hajia4Reall was arrested for a similar offence in Ghana – Baby Daddy reveals

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The former boyfriend of Hajia4Reall, Loveman Allison, who seemed not to be happy with the way his name is been slandered in public has come out to speak out for the first time.

In a presser released to the public, he denied ever introducing his former girlfriend to anything related to fraud because he has never been involved in fraud or scams.

The statement revealed that he is not surprised that Hajia4Reall is telling lies about him when he has tried to do everything within his power to make life comfortable for her and their daughter.


He further revealed to the public for the first time that Hajia4Real was arrested for a similar crime in Ghana but was left to go scot-free.

“………I continued to make positive changes and support her, even after she faced similar charges in Ghana…” the portion of the statement reads.

He ended by saying inconsistencies in her statements would inform the whole world that he has no hands in all the allegations levelled against him by his baby mama.

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