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He talks without sense – Ghanaians berate Abeiku Santana for ‘supporting’ jailed Pizzaman workers for stealing

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News of the imprisonment of two employees of Pizzaman over theft in the company has stirred mixed reactions among social media users.

The two workers, Seidu Karim and Rashid Abdullah are said to have stolen 20 boxes of chicken wings and two gallons of vegetable cooking oil from the restaurant’s warehouse in Kumasi, Ghana.

They were subsequently sentenced to a 5-year jail term after they were found guilty.

On the back of the court judgment, Abeiku Santana chided Christian Boakye Yiadom – the founder and CEO of one of the fastest-growing Ghanaian-owned Fast Food chains – for exacting harsh punishment on the poor workers.

Speaking on his show on Okay FM, the radio presenter suggested that the CEO could have explored less punitive ways of handling the case such as deducting the cost of the stolen items from the salary of the culprits, instead of handing them over to law enforcement.

“Your worker steals 20 cartons of chicken wings from you and you get them imprisoned for five years? What’s the sense in that? Poor workers steal from you, deduct the cost of the stolen items from their pay, but they have been jailed five years each,” Abeiku Santana lashed out.

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Although Abeiku Santana explicitly stated that he is not in support of criminal acts, his comments have however triggered a wave of controversial debate among a section of the public who view his stance on the matter as disappointing.

Below are some opinions shared on Twitter by netizens

Nana Ama Owusuaa: “Abeiku Santana kasa dodo. He should open a business of his own and allow people steal because they’re from poor backgrounds. You think we Lack manners because our parents aren’t rich? Plenty rant; No Sense!”

Ameyaw: “Abeiku something is wrong with your mentality. You are condoning and supporting bad work habits no matter how you put it. I’m in full support of the step Pizzaman took and that’s the way forward. Bad work habits like discourages me from setting up a business.”

Luvsall: “Abeiku Santana grow but he no get sense. For all you may know these guys have been stealing these items for a long time and they just got caught. Do u know how difficult it is to set up a business in Ghana? You are just talking rubbish”

Kuku: “Abeiku could have phrased his sentences well, stealing shouldn’t be encouraged, no matter how small. But jailing someone(worker) for 5 years for stealing chicken is very extreme I must say, unless there’s a bailouts amount.”

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