Hon. Adjei Domson is Covid – 19 Free – AOB NDC Must Know


I write to correct the ill allegation from the almost extinct NDC constituency organizer in Asikuma Odoben Brakwa that the NPP’s incoming member of Parliament , Hon Adjei Domson is infected with covid 19.

The general public should disregard this politically motivated claims from our brothers who are struggling to gain market value for their Parliamentary Candidate

In his allegation, he pointed out that Hon Adjei Domson sholud go into mandatory 14 day quarantine because NPP candidate posed a picture with the vice president of the republic on social media and sharply concluded Hon Adjei Domson has contracted Covid 19. This attempt is just a ploy to make the relationship between the two individuals go bad and the NDC know very well that Adjei Domson will win the upcoming Elections with ease

The author of the piece is pardoned since his knowledge in Covid 19 and its related issues is either zero or infinitesimal.

This year’s Elections will be based on message and policies,not allegations or surmises.

The NDC branch in AOB should arm themselves with discipline and value and not insults and fabrications

Richmond Odoom Baidoo (Ebo Chyne)
NPP Communication officer
Asikuma Odoben Brakwa Constituency