How to pour libation to invoke our ancestors for help by Dr Paa Kwasi (Video)


Libation in Africa is a ritual of heritage, a drink offering to honor and please the Creator, the lesser divinities, our sacred ancestors, humans present and not present, as well as the environment.

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This ritual is also practised in many other parts of the world. Among Africans it may also be deployed to issue curses upon wrongdoers.

According to Kemet, ” Pour libation for your father and mother who rest in the valley of the dead. God will witness your action and accept it. Do not forget to do this even when you are away from home. For as you do for your parents, your children will do for you also “– Book of Ani.

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Its very sad how most people in our generation have forgotten this significant activity that should be done to draw closer to our great ancestors.

Click on the link to check out how Dr. Paa Kwasi illustrated the process of pouring libation: