Husband beats wife to pulp for refusing to abort pregnancy


A Nigerian man, Bebu Abiodun brutalized his wife, Ronke Adeyemi, who said to be 3-months pregnant with her second child for refusing to abort the pregnancy.

Brother-in-law, Jimmy Adekanle narrating the story said the 35-year-old husband beat up his 33-year-old wife and inserted his hands in her private part in an attempt to remove the fetus from her belly.

“Our sister had been complaining to us for a long time about how her husband had been maltreating her over every single issue since they got married.

We always settle issues for them because there is no perfect marriage but her sin this time around was her refusal to abort her three-month-old pregnancy which she had for him.

The husband wants her to terminate the pregnancy and since she refused, he went ahead to beat her up and left injuries all over her face and body,” her brother said.


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