Home Entertainment I am not attracted to poor men – Actress Salma Mumin states

I am not attracted to poor men – Actress Salma Mumin states

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Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur Salma Mumin has expressed her preference for financially stable partners, stating that she is not attracted to men of modest means thus poor men.

In an upcoming interview with Delay on TV3, Salma emphasized that, in addition to her physical attractiveness, she has been fortunate to attract affluent men who support her lavish lifestyle.

“I consider myself a very attractive woman, and I’ve been fortunate to attract financially stable men,” she remarked to Delay.

Salma elaborated that her inclination leans towards men of wealth rather than those with limited financial resources.

When questioned about the source of funding for her luxurious lifestyle, Salma attributed it primarily to her food and clothing business.

She also acknowledged the financial support she receives from affluent men who are part of her life.

“Yes, my food and clothing business plays a significant role in funding my lifestyle,” she confirmed during the interview, highlighting the dual contributions from her business endeavours and the support of wealthy companions.

During the conversation, Salma embraced the label “slay queen” without reservation, associating it with individuals who possess a refined sense of fashion and a taste for extravagance and luxury.

She reflected on her lifestyle choices with confidence, aligning herself with the positive aspects of the term “slay queen.”

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