I borrowed 50 cedis and lived on it for a week- Nana Ama Mcbrown

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Nana Ama Mcbrown, in a new video gaining grounds on social media, spoke of how she had borrowed 50 cedis and lived on it for like a week back when she was penniless.

The actress and screen goddess’ humble beginnings are no news to the public as she has shared a number of stories about when she was broke.

This particular one has never been told and is likely to generate a lot of conversation on social media.

Rising to fame through the famous Kumawood industry that gave prominence to legends such as Agya Koo, Mercy Asiedu, Akrobeto, Mr Beautiful, Kwadwo Nkansah and the like, Nana Ama’s name and influence can never be overemphasized.

Currently the host of the United Showbiz Show, Nana Ama has blessed our screens countless times with her wit, her grace, beauty, impeccable acting skills and passion for the movie arts.

Nonetheless, Nana in a recent interview mentioned that back when she started out it was very tough.

She explained that she was so broke at a point that she had to live on 50 cedis which she had borrowed from a friend for close to a week.

She had nothing and so had to manage with the amount for an entire week sometime in 2008.

It is quite intriguing how she has transitioned from the life of not having a pot to piss in into a life of abundant blessing.

According to her, she met a man she still upholds till today who gave her some jewels of advice saying, “Get married to your job and one day you’ll find me.”


The legendary actress expressed that her hard work has gone a long way to open greater doors for her in her career.

Undisputedly, her rags to riches story is indeed inspirational.

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