I can easily steal your man if I want- YOLO Actress Christabel Amoabeng

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Christabel Amoabeng, known for her character Lydia in the YOLO Tv series, said in an interview with ZionFelix that she can steal anybody’s man if she so pleases.

The actress addressed an earlier story about how she snatched somebody’s boyfriend and afterward piously cried over him on social media.

She set the record straight as she clarified that she never dated the ”said” guy.

According to her, she sought the opinion of others on social media because she was confused about whether to date him even though the anonymous guy had a girlfriend.

She is quoted saying, ”I never dated him. I dragged the issue to social media because I was confused and I needed advice on what to do. The guy wanted to leave his girlfriend for me but I didn’t want her trouble so I cut it off. I could have snatched him if I wanted. Anything I put my mind to I can do”, the actress said.

She added that she is currently dating someone else and is planning on settling down sometime next year.

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