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I got D7 in Mathematics but am studying Law in the US – Man shares

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It’s a common practice in Ghana that some students are not allowed to read a particular course because they don’t meet that requirement or their grades are not allowed to study those courses.

A young Ghanaian man now studying in the United States has revealed that he is reading Law in the US despite getting a grade of D7 in Mathematics.

According to him, the grades he had in Ghana after his WASSCE weren’t going to get him to study Law in Ghana but in the United States, he is studying Law and doing very well too.

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The young man who shared a video on Tiktok was explaining that it was possible to gain admission in any US university with low grades and people shouldn’t be scared or listen to what people say that getting low grades wasn’t going to get you an admission.

Using himself as an example, he mentioned that he never got an A in his WASSCE but he is studying to become a lawyer a chance he wouldn’t have gotten in Ghana.

“I had a D7 in my Core Maths WASSCE, I also had a C and Bs, I didn’t get an A, but I am a law student in the US”, he said.

He also revealed that people engaged in sports have a high possibility of getting admitted into schools and not only academics.

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Watch the video below:

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