I have been in the mental hospital for the past 10 years – Fmr Mentor contestant

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Season four contestant of popular television reality show Mentor Angel Gyedu has opened up on her mental health stating that she has been in and out of the mental hospital for the past 10 years.

In an interview, she made it known that she has not been able to pursue her career in music despite the platform she had while on mentor.

According to her, life has taken a great toll on her to the extent that as she speaks now, she has no money to buy her medications recommended by her caretakers.

She revealed that at the time she was granting the interview, she hadn’t eaten since morning talk more of having money for her drugs.

She said: “Today, I’ve not eaten because I don’t have money. Today I have not taken my drugs because I need to eat first before I can take the drugs. I will be the happiest person on earth if I get food to eat. That has been my biggest headache all my life because I have to take my drugs. If I don’t take it, I can’t sleep.”

Speaking about her family, she revealed that her father is languishing in jail after he was arrested some time ago whiles she is out here finding it difficult to cope with life.

The Gospel singer stated that her drug costs GHC 400 and pleads with Ghanaians to come to her aid.

Angel Gyedu was spotted in Lagos with memory loss and suffering from a mental condition.

With the help of some benevolent people in Nigeria, she was brought back and reunited with her family.

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