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I never introduced Hajia4Reall to fraud – Loveman Allison

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Loveman Allison the baby daddy of Hajia4Reall aka Mona has released a statement in regard to the allegations made against him by the socialite in court.

Readers would remember that in the last days of Hajia4Reall’s trial in the United States, she told the court that she did not know about romance scam until her boyfriend at that time introduced her to it.

In the court, she told the judges they met in 2015 and dated till 2019 and that was the moment she learnt everything about romance scams and other fraudulent-related stuff.

But in a press statement from Loveman, everything his baby mama said in court about him were lies and is shocked she could make up lies about him.

In the statement, he disclosed that he has never been involved in romance scams or other fraudulent activities and wonders why she would drag him into this.

According to him, Hajia4Reall knows who her accomplices are and therefore needs to mention their names rather than drag him into this when they both know he has no idea about it.

He denied dating her from 2015 to 2019 explaining that their relationship ended in 2017 after he found out she was having an affair with a musician who was also his friend.

Allison added that this would be the first and last time he would come out publicly to react to anything because he is a private person and doesn’t want their daughter growing up to read things on the internet about her parents.

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