I sacrificed my position as Marketing Manager of a big company to be a Porter


Thirty (30)-year-old Naomi Kokuro popularly known as Maame Kaya has explained why she sacrificed her position as Marketing Manager for a big company to engage in head porter (Kayaye) business to change the lives of Kayayes through entrepreneurial skills. 

Maame Kaya who holds an HND in Marketing rejected big offers after resigning from a big company (name withheld) just to achieve her dream of transforming the lives of Kayayes in the country by empowering them.

Speaking in an interview with Kumasi Angel Fm Church Bells hosted by Ike De Unpredictable monitored by MyNewsGh.com, Maame Kaya revealed that “I was working with a research company after school and through my hard work I got the opportunity to be a Marketing Manager for the company”.

According to Maame Kaya “It was my dream to fight for kayayes in Ghana and transform their lives so I decided to pay more attention to Kayayes more than the work I was doing as Marketing manager because my attention shifted to the Kayayes”.

“I got opportunity to do a project with Kayayes in connection with an NGO but my company told me to either resign from the company or reject the opportunity to do the project with the Kayayes. It was a tough decision though but resigned from the company to help me get a chance to do the project with the Kayayes” Maame Kaya recounted

“I joined Kayaye business just to get in touch with them and know the challenges and how to find solutions to their challenges. As at now I’m really proud to be into Kayaye business. I know their challenges and struggles and how to find solutions to their challenges. I have been able to train over 60 kayayes into soap making”.

Maame Kaya added that “It is my dream to establish Kayaye village to accommodate only Kayayes and a school to educate and train them. People do not value and respect Kayaye business but when we are able to transform the business and the lives of Kayaye, people will love to be Kayaye and it will make Kayayes gain more respect from the public”.

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