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I saw my dad just 3 times,I lacked fatherly love – Maurice Ampaw

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Celebrity lawyer, Maurice Ampaw has opened up about his strained relationship with his late father, Gibson Dokyi Ampaw, a prominent legal practitioner and former Minister of Health in the erstwhile Busia regime.

Lawyer Ampaw shared how his father’s absence affected him profoundly, despite the similarities in their personalities and careers.

“My father took care of us financially, but I never had fatherly love,” Lawyer Ampaw lamented. “He used to call me a bad boy, a rascal and threatened to have me arrested by the police. Funny enough, I was the only one among his kids who followed in his footsteps to become a lawyer. The son he rejected was the one who took after him.”

He recounted how, in his father’s will, he was referred to as “the bad boy,” though he was bequeathed an eight-bedroom storey building.

Lawyer Ampaw further described his father as a radical yet exceptional lawyer who was highly regarded in Akyem Abuakwa and Koforidua because he never lost a case in his 11 years of legal practice.

He also served as a Minister of Health and a Member of Parliament, among other top positions until he died in 2015.

His father, Gibson Dokyi Ampaw, married three women and had 14 children.

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