I would rather bow to worship Sarfo Kantanka than Jesus Christ-Nana Tonardo

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Actor Emil Wood popularly known as Nana Tonardo has once again caused a stir on social media.

He has said that he rather would bow to worship Sarfo Kantanka than to Jesus Christ.

Tonardo has since his appearance on the screen showed his disregard for Jesus Christ and the entire Christian faith.

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He recently disposed of his Bible and Quran in the toilet to show his total disdain for religion at large.

The controversial character made this wild statement in an interview with Gucci Mona on Kantanka TV.

According to him, the Religious leader, manufacturer, engineer and Star of Africa, Sarfo Kantanka must be worshipped by Ghanaians instead of Jesus Christ.

“If you put Jesus at one side and put Apostle kwadwo Safo on the other side, I will choose and worship Apostle Kwadwo Safo”, Tonardo said.

In his opinion, Sarfo Kantanka is like a ‘God’ and the great things he has done so far in terms of the manufacturing of car and many other things are very marvellous.

 “He is supposed to be worshipped by Ghanaians; If I meet him, will lie down for him” Nana Tornado added,

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