I’m glad I didn’t see a lot of celebrities at #FixTheCountry demo

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Ghanaian musician and social activist, Blakk Rasta, has spoken about the absence of most celebrities at the #FixTheCountry demonstration which was held last Wednesday.

Speaking on ‘The Chat’ on Citi TV, he told AJ Sarpong that he was glad that most celebrities did not make it to the demonstration.

”I was glad that I did not see a lot of celebrities at the demonstration,” he noted.

He admitted that not everybody could make it to the demonstration, stressing that most of the celebrities who took part in the social media campaign probably did so because that is what they felt comfortable with.

Blakk Rasta, also the host of ‘Taxi Driver’ on Zylofon FM, said: “A lot of our celebrities are Andrews Liver Salt celebrities. When you put Andrews Liver Salt in water, it boils up quickly and fizzles out in no time”.

According to him, these celebrities have the energy for only breaking news. “The moment something breaks, everybody rushes to have a big chunk of it, and then they relax sooner than later.



Blakk Rasta joined hundreds of #FixTheCountry protesters who took to the streets of Accra on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 to demonstrate against what they say is the government’s poor handling of social and economic situations in the country.

The protest was to press on the government to address Ghana’s numerous challenges, including youth unemployment, poor infrastructure, and high cost of living.

Clad in red-head and armbands, the protesters held placards with inscriptions some of which read, ‘A nation without patriotism is a dead nation’,  We aim for waakye, they aim for V8s’, ‘Fix the Country, ‘A new Constitution for the People’, among others.

A few months ago, the campaign started on social media, with a lot of Ghanaians jumping on the trend.

According to the conveners of the campaign, the demonstration is just the first of many to happen in the coming days.

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