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Implementation of new regulations on Electrical Appliances starts in November 2023 | GBC Ghana Online – The Nation’s Broadcaster

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Mr. Kofi Agyarko

By Dominic Hlordzi

The Energy Commission says its efforts to sanitize the electrical appliances market are not to collapse the businesses of importers and traders but to promote energy efficiency and conservation.

The Commission has new regulations that seek to promote high standards as part of the national energy efficiency campaign. Implementation of the new regulations will start in November this year.

Speaking to GBCNEWS in Accra, the Director of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency at the Commission Mr. Kofi Agyarko said the Regulations aim at preventing Ghana from becoming a desirable destination for both new but substandard and used appliances; save the economy by reducing electricity demand, protect the consumer from purchasing unsuitable appliances and safeguard the environment.

Some traders and importers claim some old appliances are more durable and efficient than the new ones.

The Energy Commission is, however, challenging them to prove the claim through scientific testing of the old gadgets.

The Commission said it is not just labeling appliances as inefficient and substandard. It is using globally accepted scientific standards as it is mandated by law to do.

“The Ghana Standards Authority is an independent institution that is responsible for testing the efficiency of appliances. They should send their old appliances there and pay for the testing and if the Authority clears the old and substandard appliances as durable and efficient, no one will ban them from selling them or importing them.” Mr. Agyarko explained.

Mr. Agyarko said the Commission will not relent in its efforts to enforce the new regulations.

The Energy Commission wants importers of electrical appliances and renewable energy products as well as prospective manufacturers, to start working with the new regulations to ensure smooth enforcement from November this year.

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