Invest cash for your side chicks in brilliant Ghanaians

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Actress Yvonne Nelson has asked Ghanaian leaders to invest some of the monies they use in supporting their side chick to invest in ideas of young Ghanaians.

According to her, most young Ghanaians are full of ideas which could create opportunities for the youth in the country but because they lack funding , those ideas have remained untouched.

The actress noted that its been ten years since she left Central University and it was sad that some of her colleagues at the Central University are still not gainfully employed.

The actress in several tweets addressing the sad issue said “People have DREAMS, IDEAS….TALENTS….. but no one to fund it/them…. look at us.leaders who don’t even support IDEAS and YOUNG MINDS. If you suggest anything they go like….you dont have the experience….”

She added “support young people! Stop killing BRILLIANT IDEAS! Use some of the #papano and #mafia money to support YOUNG BRILLIANT GHANAIANS! Create jobs,having a degree with no job is alot of my mates from central university are still jobless! Its been more than 10yrs”.

Source: Ayeh Offei-Akoto/2020

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