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Invest in GBC rather than setting up new stations, Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafo to government

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By Nana Kwame Bediako

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) has taken a significant step towards ensuring a peaceful and informed election season by launching the political broadcast guidelines for the upcoming election in 2024.

This initiative, introduced on Wednesday, July 10th, 2024, aims to provide a fair and balanced platform for all political parties to present their policies to the electorate as they gear up for the presidential election on December 7th, 2024.

During the launch event, Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafo, Chairman of the National Media Commission, delivered a compelling address. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a unified state broadcasting entity rather than splintering public resources to establish new broadcasting stations.

Highlighting GBC’s long-standing service to the public, Boadu-Ayeboafo argued that any additional funds should be channeled into enhancing GBC’s capabilities rather than creating redundant new stations.

“We at the National Media Commission cringe when we hear about public resources being divided to set up broadcasting stations outside of GBC,” Boadu-Ayeboafo stated. “If those resources were allocated to GBC, it would undoubtedly perform better.”

His remarks underscored the inefficiency and redundancy of establishing new stations when GBC already has the necessary infrastructure and expertise.

He pointed out that the proposal to set up new stations, such as one by Parliament, is not a new debate. He argued that instead of using taxpayer money to create and staff new stations, those funds should be given to GBC. This would enable the existing broadcaster to create dedicated channels for specific purposes without incurring the additional costs associated with starting from scratch.

Mr. Boadu-Ayeboafo further stated that setting up new broadcasting stations would be a significant financial burden on the nation.

He stressed that the most cost-effective and beneficial approach would be to invest in GBC, which already has the human and technological resources needed. By creating dedicated channels within GBC, the nation would avoid unnecessary expenses while maximising the returns on its investment.

The launch of the political broadcast guidelines by GBC is seen as a crucial move towards fostering a transparent and peaceful electoral process.

By providing equal airtime to all political parties, GBC aims to ensure that the electorate is well-informed and that the election is conducted in a fair and orderly manner.

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