It is a good thing Ghanaians know God by birth – Gospel singer

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Entertainment of Thursday, 12 August 2021


UK-based Ghanaian gospel musician, Yvonne Asamoah-Tawiah

UK-based Ghanaian gospel musician, Yvonne Asamoah-Tawiah has observed that Ghanaians are exposed to the knowledge of God right from birth unlike people in the United Kingdom.

Yvonne was interviewed on eTV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show by Foster Romanus where she made this assertion.

“In Ghana, naturally by birth, you tend to know Christ. You may not have an encounter with Him but you know who He is. In the UK, it’s different and that is why I’m excited to be there. If that is why God has chosen to call us then I think that is the way forward”, she stated.

“You can sail and breathe through Ghana but you cannot easily do the same there so if it’s not a calling, you may be in wonderland, wondering what you’re doing but the difference is that it must be a calling and a right”, she added.

She also mentioned that knowing God sets her apart from other musicians adding that she considers nothing as a hindrance on the journey of winning souls for Christ.

“I rather turn it into positivity and anytime I come into people that I’m able to share the word of God with, it humbles my spirit”, the gospel singer further concluded.

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