It’s A Turn-off When A Guy Talks Too Much — OAP, Dorcas Shola-Fapson

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The alleged girlfriend of Nollywood actor, Timini Egbuson who seem to have been pissed off by a man took to her Snapchat and revealed that it is a turn off for her when a guy too much.

His post was met with fury from Instagram users as most of them pointed out that women complain that their men are boring when they don’t talk and say it is a turn off when he is a talkative.

See some reactions below;

If he doesn’t talk he’s boring just say you don’t like him simple when you like/love people you don’t even see a lot of things lol


Wahala😂😂this minute A TURN OFF WHEN HE’S QUIET,NEXT MINUTE,A TURN OFF WHEN HE’S A TALKATIVE 😂OMO REST!!!!.Na smelling mouth go end am


That’s if he is not with his hommies, why I go de quiet when I’m with my real guys , Abeg carry your seriousness face front 😂😂


When you don’t joke women say you’re too proud, when you joke, women say you talk too much. What exactly do women want from men?


If you have beef with a guy , you should settle with him already. Why always speaking about men all the time? She always has something to say😒


When u are making public opinions make sure u include on a personal note because to someone else they may love that talkative with a sprinkle of cruise master abeg tankio


So it’s okay for women to be parrots?….SMH “ITS ALSO A TURN WHEN A WOMAN TALKS TOO Much” SF UP B😼


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