John Boadu dreams of being retained like 13 NPP Regional Chairmen

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General Secretary for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) John Boadu hopes to be retained as General Secretary of the governing party which goes to Congress next month.

Tapping into the anointing of 13 Regional Chairmen of the party who retained their positions in the just-ended polls, he observed that the results of the elections is a proof that the party does not intend to change its leadership anytime soon.

At the end of the Regional Election, 13 Regional Chairmen maintained their positions whiles two were defeated and one did not contest at all.

Reacting to this, John Boadu indicated that it is a sign that the party wants some form of consistency and believes that the current crop of executives are able to perform to their satisfaction.

He said “if you check the other positions most of the positions those who worked in the previous administration were also retained. It clearly tells you that the party people want consistency, the party people are relying on experienced people who have done it before and continue to do it so they allowed them to continue.

It also tells you that our regional party led by the Chairmen worked very hard to the admiration of Party people on the ground and I’m so happy for them. For the first time in the history of Upper East, almost every term of the Regional administration of the party we get a new Chairman, this time around the people of Upper East retained their chairman for the first time. That should tell you that they have done well for the admiration of the party,” he said.

Source: 2022

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