John Mahama and sons pose for Kupe dance challenge


The ex-Ghanaian leader has really fallen in love with the ‘kupe movement.’

A photo of Mahama displaying the ‘kupe sign’ with his three sons. John Mahama and his three sons break the internet as they display the ‘kupe’ sign

In the photo, the ex-president is seen with his sons (Sharaf, Shafik and Shahid) showing their swag as they pose like the ‘kupe’ boys. The ‘kupe’ dance and sign has gone viral and that has attracted Mahama and his family to join the trend. The ‘kupe’ dance was originated by a Ghanaian known on Instagram as @incrediblezigi.

The former president, a few days ago, celebrated his 60th birthday. Among Mahama’s well-wishers on the said day was Sharaf, who celebrated his dad’s birthday by releasing a rare photo of them sitting on a jet ski.

Mahama was also in the news as video of him went viral. He was seen dancing to the famous ‘borborleborbor’ song.