Kantanka Customer reveals why he sold his Toyota land cruiser to buy Kantanka Onantefo car (Video)


One of the proud owner of Kantanka Automobile Company’s vehicle,  known as Nana Apraku, who recently purchased brand new made in Ghana Kantanka Sports Utility vehicle dubbed Kantanka Onantefo, has revealed to Ghanaians how he purchased his latest made in Ghana car after selling off his Toyota Land cruiser.

In a short video already trending on social media monitored by Ghananewss.com, Nana Apraku in a short interview with Ebo Safo TV revealed how got his car.

“I have driven lots of vehicles and am more proud riding in Kantanka Onantefo car”, he said.

According to him, he made up his mind to sell his Toyota Land cruiser which he was using earlier to go for his new Kantanka.

Click on the link to watch full video of Nana Apraku with his brand new car: