KNUST authorities lift ban on ‘Morale’ and other ‘oppressive’ policies


KNUST authorities have reversed four policies after students protest against ‘a culture of oppression and disrespect’ turned violent Monday.

The reversals were contained in a statement issued by the Student Representative Council and signed by Kelvin Sah who is SRC President.

It followed negotiations between the university authorities and the Student Representative Council as the school enters day three of its closure.

As part of several concessions made by university management, there is an agreement to reinstate constitutionally elected Executives of Unity and University Halls of Residence who were summarily removed from office by the university authorities.

The student leaders who are third-year students were deemed unfavoured by the university authorities who subsequently installed first-year students as replacements.

But the affected student leaders can return to their leadership roles and in a further concession, their residential status has been restored after they were thrown out of the main campus.

There is also a return to the practice of allowing each hall to schedule its own hall week celebrations cancelled by the authorities in favour of a consolidated celebration by all the halls of residence.

The university management has agreed to allow student associations to operate their own accounts after all student bodies had their accounts consolidated.

In a triumph of student activism, the students have also secured a complete lifting of the ban on jamborees better known as ‘morale’, a cacophonous singing, chanting and drumming which authorities tried a crackdown.