Home Entertainment Kofi Karikari drops new album titled ‘Lifted High’ (Check Out)

Kofi Karikari drops new album titled ‘Lifted High’ (Check Out)

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Gospel music fans, rejoice! Kofi Karikari’s highly anticipated album “Lifted High” is out now. Kofi is a renowned gospel singer and songwriter who has been thrilling audiences with his soulful sound for several years. His new album comprises twelve gospel songs that are sure to lift up the spirit and bring joy to hearts. Each song is built on the word of God and amazing music-making.

“Lifted High” isn’t just an album, it’s a collection of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs: a timeless musical work of art. This new album is already gaining a lot of attention and has been welcomed by gospel fans with open arms. Kofi’s talent, dedication, and skill are evident, and one listen to his music leaves no doubt as to why he is the favourite of many.

Kofi’s music speaks of faith, hope, and the love of Christ in a way that is sure to touch the hearts of listeners everywhere. His music encourages you to move forward and be positive in the face of any struggle. With the release of “Lifted High”, Kofi opens the door that allows people to experience the peace and joy of gospel.

Kofi Karikari’s album, “Lifted High”, is an incredible work of art for all to enjoy. Made with sincerity and full of the love, power and the Spirit of God, this album is taking the world of gospel music to a new level.

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