Kwadee’s mother stops Lord Kenya, others from taking care of him


The love for Ghanaian musician Okomfour Kwadee born Jerry Johnson Anaba keeps growing each day as many in the entertainment have rallied to redeem the legend from his ill-health.

Okomfour Kwadee for almost a decade has been suffering some mental challenges. 

This has dragged lot of people in the entertainment industry to give a helping hand in making sure he comes back to the scene to continue from where he left off.

But Lord Kenya, a member of the group taking care of Okomfour Kwadee in a rehabilitation centre has revealed that, Kwadee’s mother has gone to seek a court order to stop them.

“I was there when I received a letter from Kwadee’s mother that because I have made a video with myself and Kwadee in public, they are giving us some regulations we have to abide by and failure to do so, they are going to embarrass and sue us among other things”. He revealed.

Lord Kenya in his interview clearly noted that, he and his friends have no bad intension in their decision to take care of their sick ‘brother’ adding that, they are doing it “out of love for Kwadee”.

He noted that, initially the group agreed to let Kwadae go back his family to take care of him, but later on he (kwadee) came back to him (Lord Kenya) and asked them for help to continue his rehabilitation treatment.

“After Kwadee was discharged he came back and I told him we couldn’t go by the rules set by his family. He then told me he has no business with his family members so he has come back to us”’ Lord Kenya revealed.

Kwadee is currently at Willing Ways rehabilitation facility at Ejisu Krapa in the Ashanti region under the watch of Lord Kenya and his group responding treatment.

Meanwhile, people close to the singer have doubted the legitimacy of the so-called mother of Kwadee saying she is not his biological mother. 

Source: Syxtus Eshun / 2020

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