Kwaku Gyasi coaches colleagues on how to go international with music


Kumasi-based gospel musician, Kwaku Gyasi has advised his fellow gospel artistes to broaden their horizon by infusing English with our indigenous Ghanaian languages to make those who don’t understand the local dialect appreciate the songs they churn out.

He revealed “Changes have come into the gospel music industry especially with how we now fuse English with our local dialect. But if you want to go international it’s not solely about singing in English and leaving your indigenous languages”.

He advised that singing solely in English will not take the Ghana gospel music industry to the international market we so crave for because there are those who are primarily known for having mastery over singing in the English language.

He continued “You can’t compete with Don Moen by singing in English. What is the advantage is that it helps for those who don’t understand our local dialect to understand your song when you sing in English. But at the same time, they want people who are proud of their origin and use the local dialect whether they understand it or not”. 

Kwaku Gyasi speaking in an exclusive virtual interview with Cape Coast’s finest radio presenter Amansan Krakye on GBC Radio Central in Cape Coast monitored by told his fellow gospel musicians to brighten the corner where they are before aiming to have an international breakthrough.

He added “We need to brighten the corner where we are and do our best in our own small way. Because when you do it well it would make people come from all over the world to patronize your song. So it’s good to mix your songs with English but the quality of the works you do will take you to international”. Krakye/2020

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